Info Desks

Our fully-staffed Information Desks specialized in superior customer service. The desk is open during regular centre hours and is available to assist you with any inquiries, comments or any other services you may need.
Our Info desk are available in front of Gate 1 & 18


Mall of Arabia provides ATMs located conveniently throughout the center.
ATM machines are available at Gate 2,3,4 and 17

Lost and Found

Whenever you lose or find something within Mall of Arabia's premises, you can submit a lost and found request at the customer service desk and the staff will take charge of it.
The lost and found office is available at the security office beside Gate 19.


Wheelchairs are available for our customers to use free of charge if ever needed while shopping at Mall of Arabia.
You can find them at each gate.

Free WiFi

At Mall of Arabia, we offer wireless internet to our shoppers at the mall Cafes to surf and connect while spending time at the mall.

Camera surveillance

The entire mall is under cameras surveillance to ensure safety and security on mall property.


Mall of Arabia offers you a 24 hours available hotline where you can get anwers for all your questions or complaints. Call us on 19226

Prayer Rooms

Prayer rooms are available all around the mall for both men and women.
Men Prayer Rooms are available at Gate 18 and 23
Women Prayer Rooms are available at Gate 1 and 17

Free Parking

Mall of Arabia is offering you free parking in front of every gate.

Taxi Service

In front of Gate 21, you can find the usual white taxi ready to pick you up whenever you want

In Mall Taxi

The mall taxi is ready to take you for a tour or offer you a ride from a store to another without having to hold all your shopping bags
To order a ride through the mall, please call 19226