Mall of Arabia

The first unconventional mall of its kind, located in 6th of October, Mall of Arabia rolls out on a vast area to introduce a distinctive retail world blending both local and international brands under one roof

The Park

Set to redefine the typical mall experience, the park outdoor activities invite the whole family to dine, exercise, play, or simply relax.

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We Train

At WeTrain we offer a multitude of workout packages that allow for a varied training regimen. From CrossFit and Capoeira, to Yoga, Pole, Parkour and Spinning.

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Mercedes Show Room

For the first time in North Africa and Egypt. The latest Ezz El Arab Mercedes retail experience exclusively at their first boutique showroom

Greek Campus

Situated in the beating heart of West Cairo and surrounded by a vast outdoor space integrating elements of work and lifestyle The GrEEK Campus Mall of Arabia is a Launchpad to future growth.


IKEA store is finally open at Mall of Arabia. A landmark worth coming back to!


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